willow knows is a home for textiles, objects, & creative services of artist and designer Jessica Breed. Jess’s approach to design explores an intuitive and expertimental way of working. An individual, alternative approach in the design process creates works that can be seen as unique objects.

Through my work I am interested in exploring the human relationship to the natural world - the way in which we interact with each other, with living and non-living things, and forces that we do not have control over. I am interested in exploring the energetic channels of all beings and objects, inspired by our inner landscapes and the way in which these characteristics transcend to create our physical makeup and our understanding of the world.

The work I create is lead by the unpredictable nature of chance. My approach is to step aside and lend the role of the artist to the relationships between the elements which I bring together - water, heat, pigment, fibers. I hope to capture moments in time in which the silence between the elements may otherwise go unoticed - or otherwise be forced into perfect completion.

I am a mother, wife, certified yoga teacher, student of Reiki & Ayurveda, and other healing modalities. These roles, studies, and practices highly encourage, inspire, and are incorporated into my work.

For buying or collaboration inquiries, please contact jess@willowknows.com