earth - intention - SPIRIT - ritual

WK is a textile and design studio created & curated by Jess Breed. Jess has been exploring dye and color techniques since 2008, and started the brand in 2010.

Jess’s design philosophy explores an intuitive way of working through conscious & meditative practices. Both ancient and experimental dye and pigment making techniques are used to create modern works from clothing to fine art.

Jess lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband James, and their daughter, Story.

In my work, I explore the human relationship to the natural world. I use color and texture to explore our connection to earth elements, and to communicate how I perceive these connections. I intend to make work that creates visual representations that explore the unknown - to make the invisible, visible.

I am interested in exploring the human experience and human connection as a whole - the way in which we interact with each other, with all living and non-living things, and how we react to the forces which we do not have control over.

My work is lead by the unpredictable nature of chance. My approach is to step aside and lend the role of the artist to the elements that come together - (time) pigment, water, heat, fiber. I capture moments in time in which the reaction between two elements may normally go unnoticed, or otherwise be forced into perfect completion.

Alongside my art practice, I have studied Yoga, bodywork, ayurveda, mindfulness, and breath-work. These practices & studies highly encourage, inspire, and are incorporated into my work.


for more work, visit @DAUGHTERTHEORY on Instagram