"jessica's inner beauty radiates through the majesty of her work. she breaks down the barriers of fashion and spirituality, the notion that they have to be separate entities and enlightens how we can be creatives and spiritual at the same time."

- desiree, benshen, "root of the spirit"

"willow knows has found their channel. i so admire their way of sharing supreme beauty and spirit; with every stitch a ritual, and with every piece its own spirit. willow knows is more than clothing. wearing wk is a truer presentation of self. i feel celebratory even without occasion—the way we were meant to feel."

-  kiki hocking, yoga instructor, artist, healer

"jess’s attention to the seasonal tides also plays integrally into her work. in the warmer parts of the year, she looks toward her immediate surroundings for inspiration—rebirth, growth, bounty. in darker and colder months, she turns her focus inward and to imagined spaces – the deep sea bubbling up, a constant motion – its own complications and juxtapositions stilled for just a moment in swaths of silk."

- will frazier, scarpa

"willow knows pieces are individually hand dyed in small color rotations, making every garment unique. jess considers the wearer, her lifestyle, and the materials and aesthetic she appreciates with each piece, resulting in a collection that is the definition of understated elegance."

- rachel albright, need supply co.